Audio Component - which external platform to use to host file?


I have a to create an audio lectures app. I was hoping the client would simply upload audio files in their own cloud storage host (as their storage is > Adalo’s 5GB), then create and post shareable link in the app via their admin interface.

I’ve tried to connect the Audio Player component to files uploaded in Google Drive & Dropbox, it doesn’t work. (I enabled sharing while creating shareable links). They’re simple .mp3 files.

As far as I checked it only works with file directly uploaded in Adalo’s Collection. This is a problem because it will take up space from my Adalo account, so it isn’t a scalable solution.

What is a good external service to host audio files (ideally free & private/controlled), which is compatible with Adalo’s Audio Player?


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Brilliant question @tjd_15 and I was just thinking the same thing for a project.

What would be the YouTube/Vimeo for audio?

Any ideas?

Update: just a thought…

Does Soundcloud allow private playlists?

Link -’t%20show,select%20either%20private%20or%20public.

Link -

Update 2:

I can make private tracks but there’s no way that I can see to get the direct MP3 link URL to embed in the audio player.

You could use the RSS feed to play through your player, but again that doesn’t work for private tracks.

So I think it’s best to find another service.

I’m also interested in this so please let me know what you find, thanks

Hi @nocodemaker

Thanks for sharing above info.

Just to share my use case a bit - its an subscription-only educational app with .mp3 files. So its vital that these .mp3 files aren’t hosted in such a way that I redirect the users outside of app via ‘External Website’ feature, because it will open up the URL of the hosted file directly to user, who can then bookmark / download the audio file and stop paying subscription.

I don’t know whether its possible in soundcloud, etc because of the same open URL issue.

Ironically my client is currently hosting a password protected app in Glide with his files in his personal Google Drive. He has to move out of there due to Glide pricing change, and I recommended Adalo thinking I’d be able to use his existing resources and fetch mp3 using Audio Player Component. But its not working out.

I’m leaning towards creating a private podcast RSS outside of Adalo altogether, using maybe acast / storyboard and fetching the links using custom actions. Only using free tiers of podcast creation platforms because of client’s budget (else I’d have asked him to open his own PRO account in Adalo). Much more complicated than I initially intended.

Hope someone with more experience with this component can help out.


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