Audio stops playing when screen locks

Hi, I’ve installed the audioplayer and am still in trial period. I notice that when I visit the test link on my iphone and press play, it will stop playing when I lock my screen (or when my screen automatically locks after x minutes). Am I correct that for the web version there is no way around this? And for the apps it will keep playing?


Hi @jannava,

Edit : I tested a app that has a audio player ( PWA/not published) and when my screen locks or when I lock my screen the audio still plays. I have a Android phone.

I think when it’s a native app it will play when the screen locks also.

Maybe you can download this app made by Mark and check it. I checked it and when my screen locks the audio still plays.

Thank you

Interesting…if I use the test link via the share option, I can keep listening (both Android and Iphone). But if you install the app button on your iphone like I did when creating this topic, then it stops playing when the screen locks.

Anyway, good to know. Thanks again for your fast reply @dilon_perera

Can you explain this a bit?

Maybe someone from the community can give more info about this here :slightly_smiling_face:

If you share the link like this (see screenshot) and then click it, regardless of Iphone or Android…the music will keep playing when the screen gets locked.

But…if you for the first time open the link, you get a modal mentioning ‘put this app on your homescreen’. If you do so and thus go to the music via the button on the Iphone homescreen, like I did previously, the music will stop playing if the screen gets locked.

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