Audio taking 30+ seconds to load from a URL

I have added a 12 min audio with a URL link. It works fine once it loads but it takes more than 30 seconds to load, which is way too long.

Is there a way to make it load faster?


Try to compress your audio file to 128kbps. That should make the mp3 file size smaller and shouldn’t compromise too much quality. A majority of people cannot hear the difference between 320kbps vs 128kbps.

For reference:
12-minute audio file exported at 320kbps = 28.8 MB
12-minute audio file exported at 192kbps = 17.28 MB
12-minute audio file exported at 128kbps = 11.52 MB
(Source: Audio File Size Calculator)

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Great! please tell me how to compress the file :slight_smile: LOL

I use Adobe Audition or ProTools. (both are paid software)

However, there are hundreds of free audio compression tools on the web.

Thanks so much Mario!

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