How to create url to audio file

I wish to add some audio player to my app. So I’m going to audio player component, but it needs a URL to the mp3 file.
And I really can’t get how to get it.
I’m trying to deal with 2 options:
1.Internal database of Adalo, but here is the problem - audio files are rather big (40-50 mb) and it’s hard even to upload
2.External collection (airtable) - I’ve made an API integration of it already

The biggest issue is that I can’t get how to receive a URL to my audio file in internal or external database. I’ll be really grateful for any help and screenshots

Hi @e.makarevich09,

Adalify should help here! ( Announcing Adalify: String functions, Twilio SMS, Add to Calendar , Adalify Customizable File Uploader - large uploads, crop photos, limit size, file types, stream video )

You can access the URL! Check this video : Musics.mp4 on Vimeo

In internal if you create a file property and upload the audios you can access audio file URL from magic text! In internal you can create a text property and add the audio file URL’s there and add that on the audio player component too! In external also same!

Thank you

Thank you!
I’m trying with internal, but still - don’t have an option to add the URL for magic text

You need to get the Current Music Data! You need to come from a screen that has a list connected to the Musics collection to the screen that has the Audio player! Or you can make the Audio player component as a list clicking the three dots on the audio player component and click make a list and connect the list to the music collection and select the audio player component inside the list and add current music > file > URL.


Oh, haven’t thought about such option
But if i need only one song for one screen (not the full list), should I add filter by file name (like this one), am I right?

Yeah you need to filter the list to show a one item. But I suggest to not filter by name’s! Instead of the name create a number property and call it as ID and give a ID for each record and in the filter add that ID property and add the number like ID > is equal to > 1.

Genious!) Thank you, i’ve done it

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