Auth0 and adalo

I was thinking if I could make a button like Google and Apple have, continue with “my own name”. And if the app uses that it will automatically get the data it needs.

So I looked a bit around and found Auth0, it seems like they provide this?

Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts on this, I want to make it easy for other apps, created by other people to share their data with me and my data with them.

Hey welcome to the forums.

For OAuth I have been using (they are leader for OAuth in Bubble) really simple if you have some API knowledge. Their support are great also. I have used this for Facebook login, LinkedIn Login and Instagram Login. Then once authentication is received back with the necessary tokens you can then allow the user to post photos, videos etc from your Adalo App onto the users own Pages/Profiles.

They are a NoCode Platform. But the only down side is it costs £. But it does work v well


I think he wants a button to let users log in to any app/website via his app, like the Sign in with Google button on popular websites and apps.

Yes this is done with Pathfix API and Adalo button, which is as I am referring.

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