FB posts to Adalo Per User

Hello all!

Have you used Zapier or Make to automate to where any logged in user on adalo, can grab their fb post or event and share it in adalo under their logged in username? Im having a hard time figuring out if this is possible. I see how it can be done if it was one user, and adalo to fb rather than fb to adalo.
If you have a basic youtube or video about how to do FB post to adalo for MULTIPLE Users. That be super! Thanks!

Hey, yes this is totally possible. However to post on behalf of another user you need to authenticate that user. Therefore this introduces OAuth. I have done this (not with Make) but with Pathfix. Pathfix allows your app user to authenticate themselves, and login to their Facebook/Instagram etc to get their personal “Access Token”. This then makes it possible for your app to post to the users personal profile pages. I actually planned to do a short video on this as I think many users would find it useful.

I would say this is a relatively advanced process and requires some knowledge of OAuth and Facebook API, however Pathfix really simplifies the process.

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Hi @iAppsNi

I’m just trying to log in with Facebook and I’m trying it through Pathfix. But it doesn’t work for me. That’s why I wanted to ask if you made a video tutorial? I’m making a mistake somewhere and I can’t figure out where. A video tutorial would help me a lot.