Autofill a form field with URL parameters

I need to autofill a form and have a field “Promoters Code” auto populate via a URL parameter. The normal extension for a URL to autofill forms does not work with Adalo forms. The issue is, I need to the field to populate in real time, or else I could simply sync a Google form to Adalo w/ zapier or make, which allows me to set URL parameters and autofill form fields. Although, these services do not push or pull data in real time. At least from my research they do not.

I’m aware that form fields can be automatically set, but the data I need for the field cannot be pulled in that way as it is a Promoters Code and will vary from user to user.


Hello, I am currently facing the same problem. I was wondering if you have found a solution to this? I can assign a Unique ID to each “Company”, but I also need to add Users signing up into that Company, which depends on the Referral ID.

Hello, how are you? You can do it with the javascript component… I do it a lot in my apps.

In the company database you can create an id or a Text property that is a URL… there you can customize the company name without spaces, example: demoapp
You must also create a relationship between users and company, a user is from a company and add a number or text property that is the id or name of the company.

You make a splash page for UNLOGED users, add the javascript component, a hidden input and a list of hidden users or companies with an automatic counter inside.

It works like this: the javascript extracts the parameter /?company=companyname and you tell it to send the result to the hidden input, the list you make a filter that is show me all the companies or users that company name or id (whatever you want to call it in your database) is equal to the input… then the automatic counter has a link action to a signup… there you will see that it is sending current user/company to the signup.

How do you register in the system: in the form in automatics fields you must put company name>current company (which comes from splah), company id/name>current company id/name


Would you mind showing an example, or making a quick one? I am still wrapping my head around using Adalo, most of our App is done, we just need the link working, so if you could link an example, that would be much appreciated.

When manually installing the Javascript Component, i keep getting the error “Missing required key ‘Bucket’ in params”. Do you know how to solve this? I have been searching for an hour or two now and i still can’t find the solution.