Creating forms - Fields now auto-populate

What the heck!!! Adalo now automatically adds fields to forms, and now we have to manually delete unwanted fields one at a time. Why did you do this!!! I have to manually delete 40+ fields which takes forever because when you delete a field you have to wait for Adalo, sometimes 5 to seconds after EACH delete. Why would you do this??? Let us create a form and add the fields as needed. What were you thinking? This is horrible. Change it back or allow us to delete multiple fields at once. This is by far one of the worst changes you could have made.

Hi @Warith :wave: :wave:

You can add Text Inputs,Image Pickers,File Pickers,Dropdowns and create a custom form.

You can put this feature request here @Warith :+1:

Thank you :innocent: :innocent: