Automatic message send to new signed up user from the admin


Is it possible to make an app where al new signed up users will get an automatic message form the admin?

For example: Hey thank you for using this app. For any questions you can ask me here…

Hi @MaxBangma,

Sure, you can use Custom Actions for that. See here: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources

Best regards, Victor.

Hey Viktor,

Thanks for your respons. Do you know a way to finish my problem at this topic? I followed the support his advice but it didn’t work for me. The link: Automatic reply from admin to new registered user - #11 by MaxBangma

I hope you can help me!

The topic is closed but, so i made a new one. with a similar question.

Greetings Max

Hi @MaxBangma,

I’m not sure what problem do you have and why can’t you send the messages to the new users.
What did you try and what didn’t work out? Do you want to send emails? Or you would like to send Push notifications? Or you would like to have some internal chat?

For the emails, I have provided the link to the custom actions help page, so that you can learn how to do them. You simply add the custom action on Signup screen, right after user sign up. And this action sends the email to the newly created user.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Viktor,

The problem what I am facing is as follows. I would like to make an automatic message from the admin to all new signed up users. When a user makes a new account he will get the message in a list for example “hey welcome to the app…”. The idea behind this is that the signed up user sees as a list with an avatar of the admin with the chat message. This is at he moment the only person (admin) the user can chat with

I don’ want to send emails.

The structure of the database what I have made for this problem but didn’t work but: Automatic reply from admin to new registered user - #11 by MaxBangma

Best regards, Max

Yu have opened topic many times, oh wow!

Hi @MaxBangma,

Please see here: Chat App enhancements: automated greeting from Admin

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