Notification when new user signs up for app

Has anyone figured out a simple way to be notified every time a new user signs up for their app?
Thank you!

You can use the “custom action” to make an API call to a Slack or messenger.
You can also go through, which allows you to make this with a graphic view

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Hi, Hi, there are several ways.

  1. Send you an email saying you have a new user and receive the data

  2. a trigger notification that only reaches admin users … you have a new user and his data

  3. If the admin profile is in desk you can make a list of users and a countdown that is visible if new>true … then when the time is up it opens a modal that tells you you have a new user

In adalo one can reach the same goal in many ways, the key is to imagine HOW I CAN DO IT… and of all the ideas to do the one that generates fewer actions, lower costs and simpler development!

Many successes in your project!

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Thank you both for the replies.

@Santiago an email would be ideal. Do you have a sense of how to simply set this up? Do you know if you can accomplish it directly in Adalo? Or if I would need to leverage Make or Zapier? Or something else?

Thank you.

Yes, of course … I use it as a custom action, in the signup button … I use sendinblue that allows me to send 300 free emails per day.

In this link you have the configuration how to do it! it is simple!

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