Automatic Notifications

Hello, i am trying to get notifications to send to the users of my app without them having to trigger it. i would like to let them know when there is any changes to their information or details we have set for them. is there any way of doing this? i have looked at zapier but i am unsure if this will work the way i would like.

Hey upon create account action in zapier you can setup a generic email to greet them to the app (we use zoho). And if you want to send a SMS there’s some to choose from like Clicksend.

So it looks like:
Adalo > Zoho (Email Service)
Adalo > (SMS Service)

Hello this isn’t really what i am after, i need to be able to notify the customers whenever there is a change to their information. for example, when we add a new trip we think the customers would be interested in, we would send them a notification through the app

I see - its changing when the notification happens. So its not a greeting but when an action happen.

To simply update customers of information that’s newly available - I think that could be an API/custom action. Because even if you click ‘update’ in the app as an action that would only update the database and not the user. The only way to update or notify the user is still by email or SMS or trigger notification. For the first two I think you need to create an email/API custom action when the new information is created but is setup to send to the users.

If you want to keep the automatic notification without email/sms, then I think you should look here at trigger notifications:

I may/could be wrong - I think you only posted today so someone else should get to it :slight_smile:

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