Triggered Notifications vs Push Notifications Difference

Hello guys, I’d like to ask a question that may seem a bit silly so sorry in advance :smiley:

Correct me please if I’m wrong:
Triggered notifications - can be done in Adalo and are pop-ups when the user opens the app.
Push notification - cannot be done in Adalo (can be done via custom actions?) and are pop-ups that are shown on the phone’s screen when the app isn’t opened.

I’m trying to incorporate push notification but I’m hoping to find a better way than Zapier :smiley: :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey guys, is does anyone have any experience with that? :slight_smile:

Hey Tommen, I believe they’re the same thing.

Triggered notifications is done when a user sends a notification to another from within the app. Eg. send a message via a chat function (like WhatsApp).

Push notifications is done by the admin end. For eg. getting a user to check out a new promotion going on. I don’t think we can perform push notifications in the Adalo GUI for now and would require third party help, eg. Zapier

Please check the help documentation. It is covered quite extensively there including a full video tutorial on scheduled push notifications:

Thank you guys for your responses :slight_smile: Just to be sure, push notifications are doable only with third-party app such as Zapier, right?

It is an API, so you are able to handle it in any way that an API is usually handled. This of course includes third-party apps such as Zapier/Integromat but of course can likewise be handled by a developer through their own code.

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I am building a Jobs App and trying to implement a custom login feature as mobile number based login is predominantly used here in India instead of email…

I would require push notifications feature for sending notifications whenever we post new jobs to job seekers.

I did went through the example in Adalo API for Push notification. But what is asks for is an email id which is not something i have now or planning to use in future.

Can you please let me know my options here?


You can still use the email ID for the purpose of executing the API request. Simply create an email ID upon registration too which could be something like “”. This way you would still have a unique email ID that is associated to the user.

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Sure, I will try it out and get back to you. Thanks !!!

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