Back button problem

Hello guys. im having a problem about the screen transitions. need help.
the problem is that whenever i click the back button of my phone not the icon or any button in adalo app but on my phone the screen doesnt go the main screen but it will go back to the previous screen shown.

example after created an action and a modal shows up, and will be directed to the other screen when i tap the back button the screen will go back to the modal.

can someone please help me?

I can help, so basically change action from link to “back”, make it go to screen you want it to go into!

Click on icon until you see this " Link"

Now choose in screen from back to what ever screen you want it to go…

I am here to help, if this doesn’t work I will make a cloneable app for you to use and learn!

Hi, the issue here is the device back button and Adalo not having options to block a device back button therefore forcing users to use buttons made in Adalo. This has been raised a few times in the forum . Check here for a possible solution How to catch the device back key event? - #2 by tjd_15

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I told him lol, never seen you here online! Welcome back haha.

ill try to change may transistion systems thank you

Hopefully that helped!

Make sure to continue asking, I will try to help!

Also not transition choose in “Screen” and select home.

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