Native App working like a web app

When I press the phone back button in android app, it literally goes to the last screen visited. It’s a big blunder for us. For eg. When using ‘create appointment feature in the app’ or ‘logout feature’ etc. It’s basically working like a web app whereas it should ideally behave like a native App. Or is there something big that I’m missing ?

Hi @Deepakjain,

Isn’t it a feature of Android’s “Back” button, that it should take you to the previous screen?

Would be interested to know more about this as well from the community!

Best regards, Victor.

That’s true.

What I mean is, whenever we press back it should go out of that page, then another… Reachout to hoemscreen and just leaves the app. Here what happens is, it repeats each and every step the user did in the App.
For eg. If I created an Appointment, then success screen- and user is routed to home page. Now ideally on pressing back should take the user out of the App. But here it repeats all the last steps we did. Is it correct ? Or am I missing something?

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This sounds to me like the expected outcome for that action. I’d be curious to hear from others what their expectations are though.

For eg. If I am on Whatsapp - opening clicking on person no.1 's chat - move out - Open 2nd person’s chat.
Now when I press the back button on the phone, it will take me to the home screen and again pressing the back button will take me out of the app.
But as per my app, it takes me out to the main screen - then opens chat 1 - then take me to the main screen
In short, it’s repeating all the last steps on the back button.

Does that clarify? make sense?

Yes it makes sense.

I think this behaviour is determined by by the app. Unfortunately, we don’t provide a way for you to determine which behaviour to give the back button and instead set it globally for all apps.

We determined that the most common use case for Adalo apps would be that it functions like a web “back” button. That it keeps on navigating backwards, step by step. Rather than navigating to a “key” screen, then closing the app.

Got it.

We are building a CRM and there are multiple places where records are being created. I fear that after creating if user press back button it’ll take them to the create screen again which will confuse them and may end up creating problems

Is it possible to give us a customization on back button as Adalo gives for any other action. It will be of great help


Hi @Colin,

Is there any way to determine if user has arrived to a particular screen using “back” button?

Best regards, Victor

Hello @Victor and @Colin and team, any update on the same

Thanks in advance

Hi @Deepakjain,

Without such info (in my comment above), the only way I can see how to “prevent” user from re-entering create screen is implementing some kind of “routing” system manually. You have a property “came from” for Logged-In user, where you record the origin of the screen user is coming from. And then depending on that property you direct user to different destinations.

I did something like that, but that required quite a neat approach and testing took plenty of time.



Me too facing the same issue. when I click on the phone’s back button, moving backwards to previously accessed screens. It’s really we need to control to improve UX. This should be considered as hot fix…

Exactly, my users are creating appointments etc again and again since they feel that they have not successfully created in the last screen (instead of showing them success message). Actually, it’s a general tendency of creating a record on a popup and press back button (with a view to going on the main screen) which leads to confusion as I mentioned

Agreed with all the above, User flow is an important aspect and can avoid hard bounces and confusion.
Just looking at Adalo’s features requests and looks like this hasn’t been submitted yet to the team.

I created this request:
Do upvote @Reyaas .
But I fear by looking at all the backlogs of Adalo, when will this be done. But we are with you team Adalo. Keep it up

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