Background Sound and Sound Effects

Hi Everyone!! I’m creating a quiz app. So I want to add a background music, sound effects for the answer(when the user clicks a answer then sound effect is coming),sound effect for the correct answer,sound effect for wrong answer. So how do I do this?

Hi @dilon_perera,

You can use Audio Player component for that.
However, from my point of view (which is based on my personal experience), making this work properly with Audio player will require a lot of hacks and workarounds (this component has some specifics).
So I’d say that as of now there is no easy and reliable way to achieve what you want. Sorry.

Best regards, Victor.

Best regards, Victor.

Oh!! hmm… Is that means there is no way to create this?

As for me, there is no easy way to implement this. I might be wrong though :slight_smile:


Ohh! hmm. Ok . Thanks Victor. Please Adalo create way to implement this .

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