Adalo team can you'll create some components to implement these features

Hi Everyone !! :blush: :blush: :wave:

Adalo team can you’ll create some components to implement these features? :innocent:

These are the features I want to add to my app.

  1. Sound effects
  2. Background music

Thanks :blush: :blush:

Any update on this? :blush:

Look at the Feature Board: Feature Requests | Adalo. Maybe your request already exists.

Yes I added that @thomasniederberger

Unfortunately, we cannot take requests in the forum and as mentioned, only through the feature requests link provided.

Yes, thanks!

Now it is just a matter of getting enough upvotes for the product team to consider this feature.

Alternatively, 3rd party component developers may look at this and decide to build it themselves. You can also try asking them directly. You will find a few of them within the forums here.

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