Best way to let 3rd parties add events to my app's calendar

My app has an ‘Upcoming Events’ screen, that will include events hosted by a specific set of 3rd party organizations. For example, a certain church will host food giveaways once a month but not on a regular schedule.

I want to allow that organization to create their own event, without having to pass the information to me, letting me avoid doing all the data entry myself.

Would it be best to let a specific user within that organization have access to a ‘create event’ screen, or can I create some kind of Google Form (or something similar) that can act as an external collection?

Does anyone have any suggestions? Bottom line is, I’m trying to reduce my own workload.

You can do that using Zapier as your 3rd party, so when they create an up-coming event, they pass through zapier and then it will be updated in your app, maybe they can use google calendar or whatever other services.

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