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I want the user of my app to be able to add events to his/her own calendar using input fields. Can i use Zapier for that? I really cant wrap my head around it. Much appreciated for all help i can get.

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Or perhaps using google calendar API?


You should be able to do that with Zapier & Adalo.

Here’s a link to triggering a custom action with a Zapier Webhook. And then you can create a google calendar event with that with the second tutorial video in Zapier.

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thanks, ill try that once my account is active again

Hi David, after running successful tests on Adalo’s side using this custom action I still get an error from Zapier when I sent a test to this URL. Any other videos or instructions you can send?

@NoCode81 Check out this video using a custom action to send data to Zapier:

Hey, Ben. I watched this video many times, but there seems to be a bug using webhooks with Custom Actions. My goal is to use this to push data to Airtable. Testing is successful, but once I add magic text to the Custom Action and run the action nothing happens. Here’s a video: