Bidding app - help needed

Hi All,

I need help with bidding app I’m working on.

Database is made of three major collections

Collection 1- Users
First name
Last name

Collection 2- Articles
Article No
Bidding ends (date/time)
Bidding finished (TRUE/FALSE)

Collection 3 – Bidding data

User(one user can bid on multiple articles)
Article (one article can have multiple bids from multiple users)
Bid value
Winning bid(TRUE/FALSE) - for specific article and user once the bidding ends.

Problem: Once the „bidding ends“ date and time is over I need update of:

  • Collection articles – bidding finished update(switch to true)
  • Collection bidding data – max bid for article update(switched to true)

Tried to solve this with countdown timer action but it seems it doesn’t work (at least on free test version of Adalo).

Please help!

Hope I was clear with data explanations.

Feel free to ask for more details.

Thanks in advance,

Countdown timer doesn’t record/continue the count database side. It resets every time the intended user changes screens or closes the app.

You’ll probably have to use/pay for an external service such as or Zapier.

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