Adalo webapp - Autopilot

Hello all!

I am trying to build a autopilot webapp and running into a bit of a problem. Basically, When the app is loaded a countdown timer starts and every 10 seconds the time is reset. Data is written to a database collection by another app using the API. I have a simple list that is connected to this collection which automatically refreshes. So when the data is written to the collection via the API the list gets refreshed.

When there is data in the collection the second action in the countdown is activated and the user is automatically sent to a new screen. Now I need to show the data in the updated collection in the new screen to the user. I can have a simple list with filters to identify the record I want, but I cannot access this as the current record. Unfortunately the whole thing has to be drive without user input, so, is there anyway to select the current record from a collection and then use that to fill text and image using magic text, with no user interaction?

Hope my question is clear … Thank you for the help!!!

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