Binding same item to multiple positions


I hope that someone can help med in solving this. Have spend tons of hours :slight_smile:

I have a situation where I have items in a collection which can each have multiple positions. I don’t want multiple representations (replica) of the same item in the collection, as each item has the exact same metadata regardles of their position. The item have a property stating the amount in stock.

I have 3 unique items in my Items collection. Each of these have an amount in stock (3, 6, 10) that can have each a representation on a shelf in a rack. Instead of having 3, 6 and 10 rows in the Items table, I want the item bound to multiple positions.

How can I do that?

These are the tables I have created

I want to make a simple list in the app that displays the items of a selected Shelf. How do I do that?

  1. Do I chose the Simple List to be a list of items or ItemPositions?
  2. I only use the Item PositionTable to refer to a shelf and an item. I would expect the “name” property in the ItemsPosition collection to be irellevant?

I hope that someone have a brilliant idea.

Thank you in advance

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