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Hi, I’m creating a list of items in a collection and everything in the collection is a relationship to another collection. I can’t get the items in the collections that are a one to many relationship(meaning in that collection there could be several items linked to the collection) to show up in the magic text in the body section. I can get the collection items that are a many to one(meaning there is only one item in collection) to show up. Why Can I only select from items that have a relationship where only one is available? If the question isn’t clear please let me know and I will try to clarify more.

Hi @emils,

You can show the values from the relationships only if the value is unique in the relationship. E.g. imagine you have a collection of Items, and each Item belong only to one Category (you have many:1 relationship). Imagine Category has Name.
You can create a list on a screen, make it a list of Items, and add a label with a magic text: Current Item → Category → Name.

This works because an Item can have only one category, so Adalo can get its name.

However, if you have a many:many relationship, this won’t work. Imagine that in addition to Categories you have Tags, and one Item can have many Tags (and vice versa). You can’t have a text label with Current Item → Tag(s) → Name, because there could be more than one Tag in the relationship.

To display Tags in this case, you will have to create another list inside Items, make it a list of Tags, and filter it so that only Tags which belong to current Item are displayed.

Please keep in mind that lists inside the list could lead to a degraded app performance, especially for large lists. So it is better to have a separate screen for current Item, and display a list of Tags there.

Hope this helps.


This helps very much. I was able to understand it better after reading your response and watching a video about list from Adalocado. THank you @Victor

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