Blank Screen when viewing Notification Relevant Post (Screenshots)

Hi there, I have a social style app where users can view posts etc.(Patrick Ford Instagram Clone) When a user likes or comments on a post a notification is created. The recipient of the notification can view all notifications from the Notification Screen. However when the user clicks through to see the Post related to the current notification, the screen is blank. This was working fine so i’m not sure what the problem is. I remade the process in a new project and the same problem - the screen is blank. I’ve attached some screens so you can see the connects etc. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Any help with this is appreciated. I have recreated from Scratch Three times and the Relevant Post’s Details are BLANK as in the screenshot above.

Hi @GJulien,

Did you checked that the notification records are linked to a post from the database?

Thank you

Hello thank you for your reply. Yes the relationship is ‘Relevant Post’.

However I just created some additional fields in the notification prefixed with N.

These additional fields are related to the Post fields and are created with the Trigger. I think it should work.

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