Booking app - need advice

I am trying to create a booking app and not sure if what I need is possible and could do with some advice…

  1. The customer can choose a service that they’d like to book (a service has multiple days of the week where it is available)
  2. They can then choose the day(s) they would like to book on (e.g, Mondays and Wednesday)
  3. They also have the option of choosing to book for a number of weeks for this to recur for e.g, Mondays and Wednesdays for 8 weeks (they can choose how many)

The price of the booking is calculated from the above and all of the info is shown on the admin side. The problem is, I need the days when the customer has booked for to then translate into a diary/calendar format for the admin side so they can go in and see their booking for the day/week/month - i’m not sure on how to pull in the correct dates using this method, does anyone have any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Hello how are you … you need several collections

  1. services
  2. days (Monday to Sunday)
  3. hs slots (8.00, 9.00, 10.00, etc)
  4. reserve in relation to reserve items.

services and days
Days and hours slots
Reservations and user
Reserves and reserve items

You put a button that says make a reservation and that creates a new reservation, a SERVICES page opens, you put a + button and every time you click a reservation item is created, from current reservation
In the continue button, you go to a page where the days and times are… you make a drpdwaon of days and a list of slot times… you filter the list so that the day is the same as the current service and that the list is the same as the dropdown

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