Filtering Hour slots in booking application

Hi All!

I’m trying to create an app where users will be able to book a rental service first by
1- select the preferred booking date.
2- Then showing a list of time slots of the availability of the rental.
3- Then submitting a booking request to confirm the availability of that time.

I’ve been trying my best to come up with a way to implement this but so far I failed…

1- My approach was like this I created a Booking Slot Collection having (24 rows ( 24 hours))
2- Created a Booking Collection with all the confirmed date & times slots.
3- Created a Request Booking Collection
4- Created a Rental Service Collection
4- Created a Calender Booking Collection to try to link Booking, Request Booking, Booking Slot with the Rental Service all together in hope of finding a way to filter out the already booked slots in the menu shown to users.

What I could reach is filtering all the booking slots of the events in general ( not in a specific date).

is there a better way to approach this booking filtering?


Hi Skelani, if you haven’t watched already, this video from Victor might give some pointers:

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