(BUG) Deleting Pages from Copied App

I am working on a project where I have an Admin app that can do everything. And then smaller apps that can do only some things. I finished the Admin, copied it into a new app sharing the database and started removing the pages and features that such smaller app wouldn’t have. However, after deleting the not needed pages, I refresh and they reappear. For about every 10 pages I delete, 8 or 9 reappear. I have waited hoping it takes time to save, but still haven’t managed to do it properly.

Very strange. Wasn’t able to reproduce it.

Did you have the editor open in another tab or window? Or was there someone else who is part of the project who may have had it open and also making changes?

The way that the “save” works is that it works on a “Last action wins” basis. So if there was an idle tab open which then had any action made on it, it would be the latest record of that app and would infact restore screens.

Hi, I didn’t have the editor in any other page, user or tab. However, I solved when I deleted one page at the time. If I selected many pages and delete, when refresh only the first two I selected would select. But if I select, delete, select, delete, the pages would be finally gone.

If I erased content in pages, when reloading the components indeed would not be there anymore but the pages would.

Good catch. I guess we did not think of people deleting multiple pages at once :slight_smile:

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