[BUG] Image not saved in database from android app

I have a form where users can upload an image to a reviews.
It works from web-app, but not from mobile app.

Any ideas why?

Useful links:
app.sommeliapp.com for web-app and SommeliApp on android store

Hi @montetennis, are you still experiencing an issue here? If so, which screen are you referring to that contains the form so that I may investigate this further.

Hello Colin.
The issue still persists.

The upload screen is the “new wine” of the https://app.adalo.com/apps/45de2d41-b918-4626-85e8-2dc517c0591e/data app.
When you update a photo from desktop app it works, but if I do this on the android app it doesn’t save it in the database.
For reference, the “new review” screen experiences the same issue

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