Bug scrolling list

Hi Adalo Community,

I have a bug with my list, my list scrolls all alone to the bottom, impossible to scroll up, I never have this problem before, its recent, anyone as the same problem ?

Thank you for answers and help :wink:

Hi @Robin :wave:

You mean when you open your app the list goes to the bottom and you have to scroll it up right?

If it is go to that screen and go to the Edit Styles and unselect the Reverse Scrolling.

And then check.

And if you have did this already or did now and no changes you can Submit a Support Ticket .

Thank you

Oh thank you @dilon_perera !!!
My problem is solve. I thought “Reverse scrolling” was for return to the previous page with finger (without button.

Thank you for your reply.

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Your welcome :+1: :+1:

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