🐞 List bug - small scrolling needed before screen scrolls


Help required. Perhaps and Adalo bug?

Every list I make (made out of components) needs a small scroll before the screen starts scrolling. It’s like you have to scroll the list to the top of a container, once it hits the container end point you can scroll the screen.

I have tried creating lists inside rectangles, not using rectangles - a list on a screen with no container.

No matter what I do there is a small scroll required. The amount of scroll needed varies on different list
See the screenshot below.

Adalo forum

If there is a workaround or a tutorial I would love to hear. Or perhaps this is a known bug?

I have lots of lists and this small bug is just big enough to annoying to users.

Also, it’s frying my head trying to get an answer. You might be able to save my laptop flying across the room :sweat_smile:

Hey @alimacca,

In my opinion this is a bug. I have seen this multiple times and never found the algorithm how to fix it - every time it was trial and error.
It seems that Adalo’s screen building engine in some cases doesn’t build containers correctly (parent container is smaller than child container), and this causes the child container to become scrollable. But this knowledge doesn’t help to resolve the issue.
Maybe it’s a good idea to submit a ticket on this. Or maybe someone has the recipe how to fix it :slight_smile:


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Hi Victor,

Many thanks for your time and for replying. I appreciate it lots.

I will submit a ticket as suggested. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, could you recount some of the things you tried in your trial and error to get a result? Perhaps I can try those for now.

Many thanks! Ali

Hey @alimacca,

It was usually messing with rectangles, adjusting their size, adding / removing spacer rectangles, etc.
Also I remember I was rebuilding list element by element, testing after every element.


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Thanks, Victor!

I have been playing around too.

If you create a list with no rectangles involved, everything works perfectly.

So it is indeed rectangles causing container issues.

I also made a list that worked perfectly and then I added another component to the screen, not touching or near any other shape or component and the list got the scroll bug again.

Even after undoing everything back to the state before the component was added to the screen I have the scroll.

It’s driving me crazy! :sweat_smile:

I hope it gets fixed soon!

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