Bug with conversations screen

hi! ive followed adalos tutorial on creating a conversations screen but whenever i go on it, it loads for a long time and thus doesnt show my conversations

Can you post how you have set it up. I cannot help you troubleshoot the problem without more info.

I just soled it by applying this filter!

however i can’t get the current users profile picture to appear

@Colin any tips on this??

Is there an image attached to the record in that collection? It’s good practice to always use that option underneath the image source, “If there’s no image…” and use a placeholder image there. That way you can instantly tell that the source content is missing or if there is more of an issue at hand. I always use an image such as the one below:

i have attatched the right image to the record however the problem still doesn’t fix:(

Please make sure that the linked data in “Available data” is not missing. This would also be a possible cause of this.

thanks @Colin! the only thing i found was when pressing on the rectangle however there is nothing else

Click on “Chats” text just above the screen. In the left menu you will see “Available data”


There’s your problem :slight_smile:

You need to go to the screens mentioned where it is missing and make sure you are sending that data with the link to the Chats screen.

heh thanks @Colin but how do i send that data?

You will need to make it a list and narrow down that list to a single record through the use of filters.

@Colin thanks! what should the list have and how do u recon should i filter it?

@pfordmedia / @Victor any ideas?

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