Profile page on chat app for person speaking too

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I am creating a chat app and need help creating a user profile… I have the logged in user profile set up but I want a profile screen for other user in the conversation.

Basically, the logged in user has a profile page and edit options all set up, When the logged in user clicks on the person chatting to profile picture in chat I want it to link to a screen with the profile page and information of the person chatting to.

Would someone be able to help me with this?

Thank you in advance!

You can have a screen for current conversation user, with user details!

I dont get the option when I do this, just a endless list of options

Check this video made by @pfordmedia may help you on this one, and on other stuff.

Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Database Collections, Relationships, and the Infinite Menu - YouTube

Thank you for your time and information however this did not help.

If someone is able to help I would be very grateful.

I have a question, do you have the current list linked to the profile page?

Because it would need “Current Chat User” to appear?

I do have it linked yes but these are the options I get:

It is just an endless list, (This is to select profile picture for the user that im chatting with in the chat conversation)

Okay as I don’t have a lot of info in your app but look at this, I found a topic that had the same issue as yours, and it is different a bit but has the same objective! How can I avoid this infinite loop? - Help - Adalo

Have a look at the solution.

Solution → How can I avoid this infinite loop? - #7 by projectlinuxsupports

Wow thank you for your help again you are very kind!

Unfortunately I do not 100% understand this guide.

Here is a screenshot of my app, maybe this helps?

This issue is now solved

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