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I think i may be a little (alot) simple minded when it comes to building this app.

I am an AC supplier, I have a customer and a supplier (manufacturer)
The AC i sell have a warranty, and these warranties are subject to standard maintainance conditions.
1st codition of warranty is that it is installed by a certified person and that pictures of the installation are supplied to ensure correct installation.
2nd Is that the units are serviced every 12 months and proof of service (like a log book) are kept.

These untis if financed are insured , the insurer would want to know that the client , is maintaining their product, and that the service agent has been in contact to let the client know about the required services.

So typically I am trying to find a way to do this:

Welcome , Now identify what you are , ADMIN (can see everything) Technician ( can upload serial numbers and pics with date of installation) manufacturer ( to see if installation has been done correctly when needed to view) Insurer ( to see if maintenance has been correctly and timeously done) Public ( to view age of AC , and see next service date)

Technician selected:
Enter all the fields, Clients name Address contact details, type of unit , serial number of unit , code of unit and upload 3-5 pics
This info would then automatically be emailed to Manufacture, Insurer and the client

Every 12 months the client , insurer , technician and manufacturer would need to be notified of the pending service that is necessary .

Once the technician has performed the service , new pics would need to be uploaded this would confirm the service has been done

A technician can always search his past jobs and maintain a list of his clients

Manufacturer selected:
A manufacturer will only be able to search , using the serial number , code provided , this would give him access to client contact details as well as the installer details . The primary function of this is to see of the installer has done his work properly and when last the unit was serviced . No editing permissions allowed, only in app chat .

The insurer tab selected
Complete client information- Complete pic gallery to installation- Serial Number and Code
service up to date ?
Cannot edit any details , can only do in app messaging or send emails

Now the question is it possible to do this in Adalo or should I be looking for a company to do this from scratch.

Kind regards

Garith Nunn

Hi @Garith ,

It is certainly possible.

Adalo make it easy to have multi sided apps as we can share database between apps.

Actually this kind of app is a type that Adalo can delivery nicely.

Shoot me a request if you want somebody to build it for you.

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Hi there , yes it may be really helpful if you can build something like this

How do I get in touch

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My email is

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I will send you an email.

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