Need help finishing quick vehicle inspection app

I am lost at making all relationships right. Am thinking to restart from scratch so i can completely redo all.
Someone can help me finish this?

I’d be happy to help. I’m an Adalo Expert. Can you share it with me?

i can help

I am stuck at development so help would be much appreciated.
there are only 3 screens in this app. user profile, list of last notes taken, and page where new note can be added/edited.

Hello! I’m ready to help. this is my email:

Thank you!

Can you help me finish this? need to get estimate on making this somewhat usable tool. Idea is to have quick car inspection where user takes 2 pictures of a car, and have fields to rait itc condition. Must be able to sort, delete, archive list (car Inspection) items. It is to replace paper inspection form with digital.

I’m an adalo expert and I will be excited to help you complete the app. Here are my samples
Valley Wings

Do you mind sharing it with me

If you want to work with an intermediate contact me here

So you want your users to be able to take pictures and upload it on your app and also there will be a place where they will be able to rate the condition of the app.

Also they must be able to sort, delete, archive list basically you want them to be able to filter their list

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