Builds NOT working. Adalo Support away. URGENT HELP!

Hey @Adalo_CXTeam

I submitted a ticket for this issue, #1346967100

All it does it load load load load, while the editor bounces in/out of “offline mode” every min.

My connections are fine, I tested on wifi/off wifi/mobile, etc. NOTHING.

I have ads and promos running for a NEW YEARS update and THIS CANNOT BE DELAYED or else it ruins the entire promos, events, etc etc.

Please fix ASAP!!!

I have the exact same problems. iOS buikds have stopped for me. This is our last build of the year and we re hosed.

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We’ll see. I highly doubt we see any updates till next week. They’ll only do something now if a lot of people are having the same issue.

I lost trust with adalo a few months ago. Their infrastructure is a mess, their focus and mission isn’t about stability. Adalo has usually been more about pushing features instead of keeping everyone’s apps happy.

So all I do now is report my issues, hope for the best but plan for the worse (usually this). Few more months and I’m free. Lol.

Hey there, I dont work for Adalo but I have built two different apps for both iOS and Android this morning and they are building fine.

Do you have the error log for the build or what is happening exactly?

From past experience of this sort of thing happening its usually due to a 3rd party component… not to say its the case every time but a lot of the time it is.

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I haven’t added anything new in months. All I do is update the content itself.

All it does it get a load spinner the entire time. IF i can make it past that, the loading spinner stays on the entire time BEFORE coming to the version popup. Doesn’t even make it that far.

Edit: It’s publishing in & out so it’s something.

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