Button - is it possible to use the same one for both "create" and "delete" action?

Hello everyone,

seeking for help - I was somewhy confident the flow I have in mind is something I can easily implement, however I unexpectedly got stuck trying to implement the idea.

The flow is supposed to be:

  • You have a List with books. Each book has a “bookmark” button.
  • You click on a button → “create” action is triggered, record added to Collection.
  • After clicked, button should change to “bookmarked” icon.
  • You click on the button again → “delete” action is triggered, record deleted from the Collection.
  • Button change back to “bookmark” button.

So, two stages for the button, with two icons changing each other. I thought to implement this through “sometimes visible” condition, however it looks like I am missing something, most probably in terms of relationship between Collections (steps 1-2 from the flow work as they should, but then I am struggling to set up a correct relation)

P.S. The Collections that I have:
“Users” Collection
“Books” Collection
“Bookmarks” Collection

If anyone has ever tried a similar scenario or has any thoughts of how to implement it better than I am trying to, will be grateful for feedback.

Hi @dmitrya,

You can’t do this with one button. Here is the problem: you can easily add new record to the collection with one button. But there is no way the same button can know about which record should be deleted.

There are 2 possible ways to do it:

  1. Use many-to-many relationship between “Users” and “Books”. Here is the “Favorites” tutorial, you can implement something similar: How to create a "Favorite" button - Adalo Resources
    Downside of this approach - you can’t really store any info about the “bookmark”, you can just set and un-set the relationship. 2nd problem - many-to-many relationships could be slow sometimes.

  2. Another approach (if you need to store info about the bookmark itself) would require creating a mix of a “add” button and a single-item list which, in turn, will allow to delete the record from the “Bookmarks” collection. Probably I’ll create a video about this, as it’s not very obvious how to create such solution.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor,

thank you so much for the feedback!
Right, I was sure it is something with the way I want the button to work or due to the way I set relationship between the collections. Thank you for clarifying why that way would not work.
Going through the options you propose:

  1. Sounds as a good one, though indeed doesn’t fully to my case as I need to story an info about the bookmark (I wanna use it for some other things in the app). Still, I am going to play around just to see how it works.
  2. I kinda can imagine what you mean and I think it would work, but a short video explaining this approach would be definitely helpful indeed. Would it be too much of an impertinence to ask you to record one?


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