Button to toggle all switches

my app needs all the switches of a list turned to the on position but the list is really long and not what I can expect the user to do. Is there a way that I can make a button to toggle all of the switches all at once?

Hi Cameron @camer,

I’ve made a quick video for you, hope it will be useful: Adalo quick help: how to turn on or off all switches at once - YouTube

Best regards, Victor.


@Victor thank you for the reply, what if each switch is for a different record. is there a way to update all records at once?

Hi @camer :wave:

Just a suggestion.

How about using the Multi Select Dropdown component in Component Marketplace?

It allows you to select all items.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

thank you Dilon, that worked!

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Great :+1: and Your Welcome Cameron

Keep in mind though, that with multiselect dropdown you will not be able to modify the selections afterwards in an efficient way.
This component doesn’t allow pre-populating checkboxes, so if your user will try to go and alter their selections - all checkboxes will be deselected.

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@Victor Luckily I am just using it for activating notifications so it does work for that simple task! Unfortunately I am running into a problem though. In the previewer it is running great but in the test flight app the multi select drop down isn’t giving me the option to select all.

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