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my app is based around notifications and I would need a notification every day. I have set up scheduled notifications that work, but to activate them I need the user to switch the switch to on, or the toggle to toggled. having to click every notification on is super inconvenient. Is there a way to switch on or toggle every item in a list?

I tried to initialize the toggle and switch as true but unfortunately the notifications were not made until I un toggled them and then re toggled the. I am not sure what else to try, but I will update this forum if I think of anything else.

Hi @camer ,

Another suggestion is to use read status that mark the time when those notifications are read, which is when user enter the screen and view the list.

Later you can compare the date time this read status have and the notification date time for users and show them as read.


read status? Am I understanding correctly that you’re saying to make the read status toggle?

The read status would be date time, not boolean.

It can work similar to your issue which assumed can be solved using toggle.

I am not sure where to begin with this. So I would be comparing the notification date and time with the users date and time of when they open the app?

I am not making the connection how that will make all of the notifications that I have set up, send without the user clicking the toggle button.

yes, exactly, I think you got this.

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ok I will keep you updated with how it goes! thanks

Hi @camer :wave:

Just a suggestion.

How about using the Multi Select Dropdown component in Component Marketplace?

It allows you to select all items.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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