Button / Touch target size in Android Native APP

In pre-launch report from Google i geting message: “This item’s height is 36dp. Consider making the height of this touch target 48dp or larger.”

In Android Accessibillity Help is writen:
“Any on-screen element that someone can click, touch, or otherwise interact with should be large enough for reliable interaction. Consider making sure these elements have a width and height of at least 48dp, as described in the Material Design Accessibility guidelines.”

But the problem is that default button height in Adalo is 36dp and it can’t be changed.

Ok, i can make custom button from rectangle and text. But this leads to next problem which i described there: https://forum.adalo.com/t/impossible-to-create-custom-buttons-for-native-apps-stretched-out-rectangles-in-native-app/40021?u=edmunds

Generaly speaking this Adalos default button size of 36dp is ok for WebAPP but indeed too small for native APP.

How do you fix that?

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