What is the height of Adalo's default button component?

Adalo’s default button component leaves a lot to be desired. I can’t change the height of the button, I can’t put a border around it, I can’t change the font size (other than bold, semi-bold, etc), and I can’t move the icon to the right side.

So, in most cases, I create my own button with a rectangle and text.

But I’d like to make my created buttons consistent with the many Adalo buttons I already have in place.

Can anybody tell me, what is the default height of an Adalo button? So I can make my own buttons as similar as possible.

Hi @MikesClub,

I believe you can find that using Developer Tools or maybe group that button and check the group’s > height from edit styles.

I believe it’s 36!

Thank you

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Add the button to your screen and then place a rectangle over it. Align the rectangle over the button and resize so that the button fits precisely under the rectangle. Then, click “Edit Styles” on the rectangle and you can see the exact dimensions of the button, both width and height.

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