Calculating Distance

I want to create an app like UberEats, so it’s needed to calculate the distance between the sellers and buyers. I’ve searched in the forum that it’s currently not possible, but later I found out this article stated it’s possible by using Can anyone please help me? Thank you.

Hi nrd123,
I am developing same but not in the geolocation part yet, I am not sure it is possible with this, the article is a bit misleading this is just to tell you your location, you would need to use a distance matrix like this:

Where you would send the request with both current location and destination.

the IP Geolocation is more interesting if say to do geofencing then, it opens the gates for that.

Is IP Geolocation actually functional for mobile devices? For example, wouldn’t all Comcast IP addresses geocode to Philadelphia, PA, the headquarters? If you look at a block of Comcast IPs, it seems they all return Needham, MA. But DHCP leases can be long, and mobile devices…are mobile.

Is there any way to say whether or similar should be useful for determining in which U.S. county a user is located? With what probability?

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