Calendar options displau

Hello the Team !
I’m making my first no code ap with adalo.
I’m not a coder at all, but I’ve figured out how to make this :

The only thing I’m missing is in the calendar part:
When click on the day of a the calendar, it opens the nav calendar section, witch shows “Event” of the day and the 'time" of the event (even if there is not time inside the data).
“Event” is show instead of the data text.

I just need to chane the display of that part.
The “Event” display size and color (I need to see the text)
The “time” display size and color (to erase it or hide it, because In ddon’t nedd it).

In the Calendar options, it doesn’t show the edit styles…

Can anyone can explains me how I could manages to to it ?

Could work with a json code or somethnig like this ?

Welcome to the community @rugued1 :partying_face:

You can change that in here :