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I asked last week is it possible to change Adalo calendar language to Finnish and it is not. Now I checked the new marketplace and there is “Markings Calendar” from NoCode Monkey.

Does anybody know if that component has Finnish language? I really don’t want to pay before I know.

EDIT: or is there any way to change the Adalo calendar month title? So I can translate it by myself.

Hi Roope,

I didn’t use this component so I’m not sure about that. But I think it has many language options because Michael has posted it here. Hope Finnish language is also there :+1:

I believe @iAppsNi is using this component and maybe he can reply here or anyone else using this component will reply here or @Michael will reply here!

As far as I’m aware No. It can be a feature request.

Hope the Markings Calendar from No Code Monkey will suit for your needs!

Thank you

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