🐒 New Calendar Component | New Component from NoCode Monkey

Hey Everyone :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:,

It’s about that time again. A new component from NoCode Monkey!! :monkey:

Markings Calendar

  • Display a Collection of Days/Events
  • Click Calendar to Mark/Unmark Days
  • Custom Click and Long-Click Actions
  • Use Multiple Colors for Marked Days
  • Multiple Language options (same as Adalo Calendar)

See Demo
Copy of Add a heading (8)

More Details…You can assign any action you want to
-Clicking a day without a mark
-Clicking a day with a mark
-Long clicking a day with a mark
-Long clicking a day without a mark

You can also assign colors based on the actions.
Let me know what questions you have.


Is there a way to mark all days in a month by default? Or create a button that marks all days for that month?

So the component will display a collection.
If you have a collection of events/days for every day of the month, then they would all be marked.
In this respect, it works the same as Adalo’s calendar.
Let me know if that makes sense.

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Perfect timing! This component really saved my project!

I was building a solution that would involve booking (Create a date dd/mm/yyyy from a button action - #12 by JL_LJ) and the client was not happy with the Adalo’s Date Picker because on mobile, when you try to select, after the keyboard is displayed, you can no longer easily select the date…

And in the web desktop version, the browsers show the Date Picker differently and so it was a bit chaotic…
In addition, I could not block the choice at the weekend level or before the current date…

Congratulations @Michael !

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Thanks @ionutilie,
So glad the calendar worked for you!

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