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After struggling trying to build a two way system for calendar scheduling, I am open to using a third party service that I could connect through Integromat. Has anyone used a third party booking software that they’ve connected to their app, to make their life 100 times easier?

Hi JohnP,
Depends on which software or calendar you want to connect. For Integromat, you could connect Google Calendar, same with Zapier or It depends on how and which scheduling.

I am looking at an entire calendar solution, that would allow a merchant to sign up to receive bookings, and clients be able to book.

That is totally possible, I already built that for a customer B2C and B2B with connection to Google Calendar.

Would you mind showing me what it looks like, or perhaps allow me to clone it to check it out? Been really struggling the last week trying to get it to work. Thank you in advance.

Hi @JohnP ,
Unfortunately I cannot do that, it was a job done specifically for the customer, so I cannot handle the template.

Best is to write here all your challenges, and we all can help you, there is an expert here for any kind of topic :slight_smile: .

Here is where I am struggling hard. Mobile Application that allows individuals to book appointments, for a variety of time differing services, at a given salon.

Application includes a directory of salons in your area.


  • Salon Named Hair by JL_LJ :wink:
  • Business Named JL_LJ has 5 employees.
  • JL_LJ needs to be able to monitor and view all of their employees schedules.
  • Each employee needs to be able to create their own bookable schedule.
  • If client does not care who the stylist is, they can book the next available stylist.
  • Each employee needs to select their services from a list that JL_LJ creates. This list needs to have a variable time (that may differ from the time it takes at other salons).
  • Client needs to be able to book appointment, and then blocks off other times that might interfere with that. Example, if I need a fancy haircut, that might take 3 hours worth of time, so 9AM-12PM might be blocked, so even if someone with a basic haircut (1 hour worth of time) would not be able to reserve any of the time between 9am - 12pm.

Keep in mind, that this might be completely different from the services and times offered at a different salon, found in the app’s directory.

So all if this is possible, only challenge is the last point, where the slots need to be blocked and they have different size (1 hour, 2 hours, and so on).

Which Database are you using for this? Adalo? Or other?

Also, are the services predefined with time or vary per assistant? Say you have for Assistant X the fancy haircut, it is always 1 hour, Moustache waxing, 30min, and so on? But for assistant Y is different.

Here is Employee specific you mean. if somonee books that appointment for 9AM-12PM (3 hours), than the assistant is blocked, but salon and other assistants have that timeslot available.

Here is doable, you can use a condition, whenever there is a booking, that booking is registered in a collection. than when searching for the free schedule from that assistant you filter the slots, by Free slots NOT IN “Booked” collection for that assistant? Makes sense?

Hi @JohnP ,

A comprehensive explanation you have here,

Scheduling to prevent conflict booking is possible but we need to have additional process.

Take a look at here,

It is part of community sponsored help to assist issues like this.

Some clarification details:

  • Using Adalo Database
  • Times may vary by assistant. Employee A may complete a basic haircut in 30 minutes; while Employee B may complete a basic haircut in 60 minutes.

How would I go about showing the following:

  1. How would a client see available start times for a service that is 3 hours long, in order to not interfere with another appointment?

  2. If an employee has a 5PM end time, how would it be possible to prevent any bookings for this employee that would conflict with this employee end time?

  3. Setting up variable service times, by employee, connected to the available calendar schedule

Thank you for your help!

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I will send you DM regarding this.

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Hi @JohnP ,
There are different approaches to this.

Do you want to use the Calendar view for the bookings or a Calendar list would be enough? I will see if can make some videos.

@Yongki - I look foward to your DM, I appreciate it!

@JL_LJ - Ideally, I’d like to be able to utilize both.

Thank you both!

I would recommend
very easy to use make life 100x easier

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Hello @njimmy10 - I just took a look at ActuityScheduling and it does not appear to handle the services that I would need for hundreds/thousands of individual businesses, combined with the requirement of needing to redirect a client back to the app after certain activity on Actuity. I appreciate the suggestion though!

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