Create Appointment Booking Functionality

I’m looking to create an app for stylists. I need help creating the booking functionality. It would be great if someone could walk me through this and still be paid of course for showing me. I want them to be able to select a date and then be able to see the available times. I’d want a calendar view to show the days that no longer have any times available, which can be a line-through or a red dot over the day and the client should be able to select the date they want on this calendar as well.

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I’ve also found a component similar to what I’m looking for at Markings Calendar for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

Forgot to add this in the initial post.

Hello, is it for a single stylist or an app with an admin and several stylists… that can select the day and see the schedules of the stylists? I already made enough booking apps for clients

Here I pass you the video and a simple app that I made for reservations and one that I am finishing now for a client