Problem with Booking app

Hi guys,

Does anyone know if something like this is possible to be done in Adalo?

Idea is to book an appointment for chosen salon, with prefer date and than to block chosen date for another client.

Hi @MarkoD ,
This is possible to build using the Calendar widget, it will not be the same exact layout, and it takes some complexity.

The way to do it I need more details, which Database will you be using?

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I am wondering about the same. Does it depend on database? I am only using adalo. Btw I would actually like it to sync this calendar to iCal and google, do you know if that will be possible?

The built itself with the Calendar widget, yes, but I wouldn’t say too different, I built it already with Adalo Database, need to check with the other 2 usually build with (Airtable and XANO).
If you want to sync with Google Calendar, you can use Integromat for example, iCal, I didn’t check yet, but something with an ICS feed should work fine.

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