Can any one help me to develop an app for my business?

Hey there, I’m new to this forum.

I’m a young entrepreneur who began a cab business in my hometown and is now working on a digital transformation for my company. But, when I’m going to create, I’m blocked at a certain point. Can someone recommend a suitable platform or any other alternatives?

Your post is very vague on what precisely do you need.

It would be better for you and everyone to be more specific on the assistance you need, where you are blocked, why, and what you are trying to achieve.

Details matter.

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Hey, could you be more specific? what problems are you encountering, what do you mean by blocked and what exactly do you want to create. We would all love to help you out but we can only do that with the information you give us.

Hai Ojonimi,

Currently, I’m attempting to change my service into a digital one. Because everyone has a smartphone nowadays, establishing an app solution can attract the attention of the people in our area. This will also make booking easy for them. To make the bookings faster, simple, and to reach more passengers I’m trying to build a mobile app solution.

Many of them advised me to use Native apps, while others advised me to use Flutter. I’m confused at this stage and get blocked. I hope now you get my view.

I think i understand. You’re trying to build an app for your cab business but you don’t know where to start or what platform to use, I’d recommend starting with a no-code platform like Adalo first to build your application. You can either make your app a mobile application (google playstore or apple app store) or a web app (works like a mobile app but isn’t), I’d recommend web app for now. Does this answer help? or do you have more questions? I’m all ears.

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Hi @jammyshan,
I would not go to Flutter if you are not technical at all. The platform depends a lot on the features that you need, I use Adalo and others (Will not mention here out of respect for Adaloers), they all have different features, so depends on the client needs.

The great for me in Adalo is that even if I do other platforms, I will start with Adalo for prototyping, it organizes my thoughts, my data structure and so on, I called it “Figma on steroids”.

If you want to for example use geolocation for your app (if users need that) Adalo is not there yet, there was a component out there for it, not sure if still working. But for Booking, depends on the complexity of the booking system, I made already 4 booking apps and some stuff is real complicated to do in Adalo.

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Sent you a DM

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Hey Jammyshan, let me know if you still need help.

I’m not the cheapest option here but I’m damn good :wink:

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Hi Jammy,

From the previous replies, I can guess that you are planning to develop a taxi booking application for your taxicab business. Without your requirements, I cannot help you much. But as you need to maximize your online taxi bookings I can guide you on some basic things to consider.

Understand Your Competiton

It’s critical to understand your market position before releasing an app. Take into account the area where you wish to implement it at the same time. If you live in a small town, consider if you actually need a taxi service app?.

Is your Fleet ready?

Because not every car is suitable to be used as a taxi, it’s best to do your research ahead of time. If at all possible, use cars that have been customized for this type of service and are safe. Look for ones with spotless interiors and plenty of luggage room.

Why people should prefer your service?

Why should someone choose your taxi app over the many others accessible online? A new design, a new function, or a well-organized menu may be the difference-maker. Or it might be the car’s quality, effective marketing, and professionalism.

If you can answer all these questions then think about developing a taxi booking application.

There are tons of features that are implemented on existing taxi applications. Big players like Uber, Lyft are pioneers in the industry. So if you consider adding the following features you can stand out the competition.

Driver’s Access

This function allows drivers to receive approval to drive the car while using the app. They are given access to accept bookings and link to the mobile app.

Taxi Dispatching Panel for Drivers

Drivers benefit from this functionality because it allows them to handle all of their bookings in one app. They do not need to travel back and forth; instead, they can keep track of all of them in one location. It also assists them in receiving accurate directions to the location for which they have gotten a reservation form.

If you include these services in your app to will bring new drivers to your application.

App development:

If you can spend money and have time, contact a company and they can guide you with trending technologies that can be scalable and highly responsive across various devices. But this might take a huge amount of time.

Consider Clone Apps in Market:

You can find companies that provide you with clone taxi booking applications. This is a quick and easy process. You can add functionalities and brand your app. This is bug-free most times. If you still have any doubts reply to this thread. Thank you.

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Thanks Flawless.

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Yes Ojonimi, I understand. Let me give a try. Thanks for clearing my doubts.

I have also Sent you many private messages, but got no answer

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But Charles004, Considering the clone script is the right idea? I dont think the clone script are providing the best idea.

Hi @jammyshan ,
To support Charles, using clone apps, depends on what you want to do:

  1. Are you maintaining the app yourself in the future? Adding new features and so on?
  2. Is this a key in hand project, one time off payment?

I would say, if you plan to maximize monetization, the after purchase support is where the money is, so option 1 is ideal and here I would do it from scratch, I would probably just use a “Barebone” clone app where I could learn the inside outs, but not a complex clone which I cannot understand fully the code (It will be worse in the future if you go for point 1 and cannot then commit to offer full support).

If you are just making a one time development, and then you are gone, then easiest path is number 2.

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Hi Jammy Shan,

that depends on

What are you trying to transform?

Which tool/platform are you using?

You are blocked doing what?

If you need further solutions You contact Upogic Technologies they will give you valuable solutions for your requirements.

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