Can anybody help with domain setup for adalo?

Hello to everyone!

I am stuck with custom domain setup for web app…

I try to make a setup through cloudflare

But I still get an error in adalo

Thanks in advance to everyone who knows how to make a setup and will help!

I havent done this yet, so can’t say whats wrong for sure, but here is the step-by-step guide on what you’re trying to do:

I am sorry but that article does not say anything about the process of custom domain setup.

Particularly I am looking for DNS setup. AAA record, CNAME etc.

Hi @HApp which is the main URL? (i mean your webpage URL or domain.)

Hi! Domain name is and this is the main url
Domain ns servers are setuped to be used with cloudflare. I manage DNS records using Cloudflare. So far I made one CNAME record pointing to adalo hosting

I attached screenshots above!

Ok and how did you named your App?

Likar Online

Ok, could you please try the following:
Use when you add the CNAME record because the WPA needs to point to the name´s app and the domain URL.

I hope this works for you.

sometimes you need to end the cname url with a dot ( . ) - would you mind try that?

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