Can anyone help with implementing Mixpanel on Adalo?

I am wondering if anyone can provide consulting service on mixpanel / adalo? I was working with a mixpanel expert, but unfortunately…they’ve never worked with Adalo before…so wasn’t confident enough to take the project.


Hi! You don’t need an expert for this,

Adalo has a native mixpanel connector
Just go to Adalo’s app settings and follow the instructions! It’ll take seconds

@Benalihoussam thanks for the response!

We’ve been monitoring that for months and unfortunately the data coming through is not very useable without customization…


I am little bit experienced in Adalo. If you share an information regarding the project with me I might kel with Adalo.

I mean I might help, sorry for the mistake.

Hi Ycampbell,
I can help you implement MIxpanel on adalo.
Happy to hop on discovery call and brew interesting conversations around your requirement.
feel free to reach out on
Sahira mehta