Adalo & Amplitude Could be possible?

Hi everyone!! I know that Adalo has a connection to Mixpanel where you only need to enter your Mixpanel account token but does anyone know if it is possible to connect Amplitude to Adalo? I know that Adalo does not have this functionality by default, but is there a plugin that allows this connection?
Thank you very much for your help

Hi @Anaphe001,

I believe this could be achieved only with some custom component (if it could be achieved in general). You can search on the forum - there are people who can help you with it: NocodeMonkey, Knight, Gskachkov, James_App_Maker, Jimmy Noujaim and others.


Many thanks for your answer Victor. I will try to search again into the forum. If I find a usefull solution I´ll share it here.

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